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Latest album of Hindi Christian Songs by gifted singer,writer and composer Stanley Varghese. Marketed and distributed in the Indian Sub continent and Gulf countries by Authentic Music(The publishing division of O M Books Foundation). The album is listed among their best sellers and includes high energy tracks like India needs Jesus(with regional specials),Bhaj Le,Nacho Gao.


A symphony of orthodox liturgical chants featuring the Bangalore Orthodox Choir accompanied by a Philharmonic Orchestra comprising of 20 musicians.The event was conducted at the Christ University auditorium,Bengaluru on Oct 23,2012.The project ,conceived and conducted by Fr.John Samuel,was the first of its kind in the history of the Indian Orthodox Church. I got the opportunity to arrange the orchestral score, vocal harmony and backing tracks for La Moriyo Zegtho. The orchestral score for Violin(1st and 2nd),Viola, Cello, Contra Bass, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Trumpet, Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin and Piano,was completed in 4 months.


Latest Malayalam Christmas Carol 'SANTHOSHA SUDINAMITHA' is a Malayalam Christmas Carol  from Carolsav 2015 performance repertoire with a beautiful melody based on Raaga 'Mohanam' and SATB(Soprano,Alto,Tenor,Bass)Chorus.Lyrics by Rev K C Chacko Sastri, Music by Thomas Jacob Kaithayil.


Latest Malayalam Christmas Carol'RAKSHAKAN JAATHANAAYI' is a Malayalam Christmas Carol from Carolsav 2015 performance repertoire arranged for SATB(Soprano,Alto,Tenor,Bass)Voices.Lyrics by Joseph George and Music by Thomas Jacob Kaithayil.